Starting a station

Starting a station

If you are interested in engaging in two way conversation using HF or any of the ham bands you will need a licence.  Click here to find out about.
You may also want to get a flavour of what’s involved so if you are contemplating making a station here are some considerations:

(1) When to operate

(2) Equipment budget

(3) Antennas space at your location

(4) Interference issues

(5) Operating workspace and environment

(6) Computer support

I’ll just give some pointers here and these really at previous experiences:-

1/ When can you operate?

If you’re hoping for DX working, you will need to consider the time of day that you want to operate. Apart from the solar cycle generally, the HF the conditions at the time you operate will determine the chance of success. In the UK, mid to late evenings mean that 160m, 80m and 40m – and occasionally perhaps 30m are really the most available bands. That said, 20m can remain ‘open’ very later in the summer. If you want to work stations during the daytime at the weekends then you could explore requirements for 20m and 17m.