Welcome to M0PBZ

Hi, and thanks for looking me up.

I was originally licensed as 2E0PWB in September 2006, and obtained my Full licence (M0PBZ) in January 2008. Although I was a keen SWL in my teens, I got back into amateur radio seriously in 2006.  My station is currently running with a basic equipment at the momeent: Alinco DX77 HF Transceiver, Kenwood TS140S; MFJ 949 ATU; MFJ 784B DSP Filter with TRAC and Vectronics electronic keyers. My  HF antennas are a 130′(40m) doublet up at 30′(10m); Sloping Dipole for 17m and a Pro Antennas Fibreglass multiband vertical with homebrew Un-Un.

Despite working with state-of-art broadcast audio, radio and communications technology in my daily job, I like to get back to nature with Ham radio so I mainly operate CW on 40m, 30m and 17m bands (well I try to -Hi). Currently, I’m trying to improve my speed with the paddle key. I like to work anyone who is also a fan of CW – whether you are a beginner or improver – like me.

As well as CW DX of course, my interests include QRP, propagation, operating portable and hopefully, this year, I want to try a few contests.  I am member of my local Swindon and Distric Amateur Radio Club (www.sdarc.net)

I am now a member of FISTS # 15583

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